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Agopti is committed to seamlessly integrating efficient, optimized solutions into secure, user-friendly applications. Agopti is specifically aimed to serve aerial operators and their customers. The online application offers many of the tools that you’re familiar with along with original features and tools that improve your efficiency.

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Included Premium Features:

  • OptiLoad technology
  • Operator/retailer relationships and communications
  • Order submission and dispatching
  • Google mapping tools
  • Truly secure data/passwords not found elsewhere
  • Nationwide field, section, and township borders
  • Product inventory tracking
  • Data exporting to spreadsheets
  • Warning crop/bee registry indications
  • Quickbooks integration
  • 24/7 support
  • Transparent pricing

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There's plenty of online ordering, dispatching, and billing options out there. Agopti improves upon the core functions and capabilities that you'd expect while also delivering novel features. Read about a few of those key differences below.


OptiLoad technology utilizes proprietary algorithms to remove guess work from dispatching airplanes. Given a backlog of released orders, a maximum load size, and a departure location, OptiLoad will return a load optimized for efficiency. In the end, you can rest assured that every plane is efficiently and intelligently loaded.

Agopti removes duplicate work, reduces the number of clicks to get the job done, and puts the information you care about at the forefront. Agopti was designed to be intuitive and easy to use and learn. These simplified processes decrease probability of human errors and enable your office staff to perform at peak efficiency.

No two operations are the same. When you sign up with Agopti, you get flexibility that you need along with conventions that will get you up and running quickly. These conventions are formed from industry best practices and customer input. The resulting product creates easy to learn, predictable, and efficient workflows.


"We’ve used Agopti since 2017 after trying a number of the other mapping programs. Agopti’s user interface is much more intuitive than the others and its features combined with low cost make it the best value in the industry for this service."

- Bruce, R&M Spraying

"Agopti has been great for us. If there were ever any questions, Myles has been quick to answer them. It is priced fair and several of our retailers have commented on how easy it is to enter maps and view as-applied information."

- Brent, Hexagon Helicopters


I started working in the aerial application industry in 2004 and spent several years as a loader before dispatching and billing. When I first started working in the office, we took orders via handwritten papers and fax. We continually improved our process and tools and even used an online ordering and dispatching program. However, I saw a need for more efficient and streamlined ordering, dispatching, and data management.

So I set out to make something better.

While working in industry, I studied reliable software development and optimization. I created Agopti with efficiency and simplicity at the core of every process. I'm proud that Agopti has been serving aerial applicators for more than seven years.

- Myles Boone, Agopti Founder

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